As a child, I always had too many unreal stories to tell everyone. Those stories were always my best shot to escape all the really weird situations I use to keep falling into. From saying I was kidnapped by some real bad people, where the whole time I was playing at my friend’s place. To call the fog a wedding tent and thinking of finding delicious food inside it. I always believed so much in all those little stories I use to cook all the time. Years passed and I started to be moved by the real world around me. Sometimes the world was dark; sometimes it was not the place I wanted to stay in. But I always had my heart full of hope that one day I will be living in the world I always dreamed about. A place where I will never give up on people and situations around.

I have always been a dreamer. I have also imagined myself living them all. So here I am, chasing my dreams. Living them all through the images I create. My images are just not piece of work; these are the emotions and experiences I have lived. Every image I make has a part of me inside it. Some I want to experience and some I have kept deep in my heart.